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Chester County Swayne Genealogy
Chester County Swaynes
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Welcome to the interactive Chester County Swaynes Web Site. This site hosts the online transcription of Norman Walton Swayne's Chester County Swaynes, 2nd ed., originally published in 1955. This book is still THE SOURCE for researching the descendants of Francis Swayne of Chester County, Pennsylvania. It is also useful for researching other early Chester County families that may have married into the Swayne line, such as BARNARD, BUTLER, ENGLAND, HOUSE, LAMBORN, SEAL, and others.

Currently you may only browse the transcription. An online index and a site search engine are possible future additions. Before you browse, though, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read the Important Notes.


To browse the transcription, first make sure you have read the Important Notes, and then click one of the links below. The transcription is separated into four files for faster loading. These files are still very large, so please be patient and allow each page to fully load.

SWAYNE1.HTML(title page-p.50)
SWAYNE2.HTML(pp. 51-110)
SWAYNE3.HTML(pp. 111-165)
SWAYNE4.HTML(pp. 166-217)

URL: http://swayne.0catch.com
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